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Current Version

Meetings in 1995 and 1996 continued to refine the HPF language definition. Corrections, clarifications, and interpretations of HPF 1.1 were addressed and an HPF 2.0 Language Definition was released in January 1997.

Previous Versions

The 1.0 language definition evolved in a series of meetings held in 1992. Results of the work were presented at the SuperComputing '92 conference, followed by a period of public review. The HPF 1.0 Language Definition document was also published in Scientific Programming, Vol. 2, no. 1-2 (Spring and Summer 1993), pp. 1-170, John Wiley and Sons.

A second set of meetings during 1994 centered around corrections, clarifications, and interpretations of HPF 1.0, implementation support, and the production of the 1.1 version of the language specification. Requirements for the HPF 2.0 were also identified at this time.