HPF-1 Documents

HPF 1.1

The HPFF had a second series of meetings from April 1994 to October 1994 to consider requests for corrections, clarifications, and interpretations (CCI) to the Version 1.0 HPF document and also to develop user requirements for possible future changes to HPF.

The final report from the 1994 meetings is the HPF Language Specification, Version 1.1. This document contains all the technical features proposed for the version of the language known as HPF 1.1.

HPF 1.0

The High Performance Fortran Forum (HPFF), with participation fromover 40 organizations, met from March 1992 to March 1993 to discuss and define a set of extensions to Fortran called High Performance Fortran (HPF). The forum's final report from these meetings is the HPF Language Specification, Version 1.0.

This document is superceeded by Version 1.1 but remains available for historical purposes.

Journal of Development

The Forum also produced a "Journal of Development." It contains proposals considered for High Performance Fortran but not included for any of several reasons, including:

In most cases it was felt that the features in this Journal of Development represented capabilities that should be in a language for high performance computing. The High Performance Fortran Forum decided that these proposals should be preserved as input to a potential future process.

Minutes Minutes from the 1994 meetings are also available: