High Performance Fortran
Language Specification

High Performance Fortran Forum

November 10, 1994
Version 1.1

The High Performance Fortran Forum (HPFF), with participation from over 40 organizations, met from March 1992 to March 1993 to discuss and define a set of extensions to Fortran called High Performance Fortran (HPF). Our goal was to address the problems of writing data parallel programs for architectures where the distribution of data impacts performance. While we hope that the HPF extensions will become widely available, HPFF is not sanctioned or supported by any official standards organization. The HPFF had a second series of meetings from April 1994 to October 1994 to consider requests for corrections, clarifications, and interpretations to the Version 1.0 HPF document and also to develop user requirements for possible future changes to HPF.

This is the Final Report, Version 1.1, of the High Performance Fortran Forum 1994 meetings. This document contains all the technical features proposed for the version of the language known as HPF 1.1 This copy of the draft was processed by LaTex on Thu Dec 8 17:24:12 CST 1994 .

HPFF encourages requests for interpretation of this document, and comments on the language defined here. We will give our best effort to answering interpretation questions, and general comments will be considered in future HPFF language specifications.

Please send interpretation requests to Your request is archived and forwarded to a group of HPFF committee members who attempt to respond to it.

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